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Cathead Neechee Baby Blanket

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As a darker and artier version of our favorite cartoon introvert Daria, Emily the Strange continually exudes the same negative demeanor, cynical attitude, and penchant for punk and goth that she has since her first appearance in the early 1990’s. Starting off as a mascot for skateboard stickers distributed to record stores, Emily’s fandom developed a strong following into the early 00’s, and eventually her clothing line, diaries, and graphic novellas became a fixture in nearly every Hot Topic in the country (back when it was actually a cool place to shop and not owned by that nazi, Mickey Mouse), replacing whatever figure teenage goth girls were looking up to as their current, reigning queen of darkness. If this sounds familiar, former teeny-gother, then yeah, you know how it was. Now that you have a tiny bundle of darkness all your own, they’re deserving of some Emily the Strange products, too.

The Cathead NeeChee Baby Blanket from Emily the Strange is a blankie worthy of your baby’s sophisticated tastes. As the story goes, Emily has four cats, all black as night and NeeChee is the thinker of the feline family–the intellectual of the group–as his name so aptly implies. On this petal pink (or sky blue) cotton blanket, Neechee’s face (and borderline evil eyes) are sewn on the front, hopefully delighting your little princess of the shadows the moment she sees it, or boring her to no end because she could really care less. Either way should be fine. We all know how Emily would react in that situation.

“Is it really so strange. I say no.” -Morrissey.

(About a year ago a new Emily book, Dark Times, was released. If you look hard enough in the trailer for the book you might even catch a glimpse of Neechee himself, being all smart and whatever.)

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