Cavemen Quest For Fire A Game Your Whole Family Will Love


It’s no secret we love board games here at Nerdy With Children for several reasons. First, playing with your family should be an enjoyable experience for all participants. “Bored” games like Life, Sorry, and even Monopoly have gone the way of the dodo bird. Most of us love hobby games, and the thought of playing one of these archaic entertainment constructs gives us heartburn. Luckily, the new generation of games are fun for the whole family. You’re bound to find something that everyone enjoys.

Second, we believe in interacting with your family without electronic devices, reinforcing actual physical contact. That means no internet, no TV or internet enabled devices allowed. Third, most board games teach your children something. That something might be strategy, math, or even history and science. Most importantly they teach creative thinking, the most important skill a person can have.  So when Rio Grande Games sent us Cavemen The Quest For Fire, I was pleasantly surprised to find a near perfect family card game based on our ancestors.


Cavemen plays two to five players and takes around an hour to play. Experienced eight year olds should be able to play and learn the rules even though the box recommends thirteen and up. Each player takes on one of the five tribal leaders and their respective hunters. Your goal is to discover fire. Sounds easy, right? Well, you have to build your tribe and provide food, shelter and knowledge. Each tribe can be composed of four types of humans not including your starting leader. Hunters are skilled at hunting  dangerous exotic beasts for food, thinkers provide points to allow you take invention cards that give permanent bonuses to your tribe, explorers help you hunt and forage chow, and elders can forage and help you invent things.

So, why do you care about hunting, inventions or forging? Good question, players share a pool of cards to help them build resources like food, inventions, shelter and other unclaimed tribal members. Each round you’ll be able to select a card from the pool (assuming you meet its requirements) or you can forage for food. There is also currency in the game that you can gain from hunting or certain inventions called tusks. A conch shell token is used to mark the first player. Once a round is completed you pass the conch to the left, but before starting a new round, players have the option of bidding tusks to acquire the conch shell. The first person who starts each round has to pay more food to feed their tribe, but gets to play twice. Plus, you need the conch shell to invent fire and win the game.


We tried the game out with five players and duked it out prehistoric style. It took about 20-30 min to get comfortable with the game and we played for about an hour and half. That’s mostly because we read the rules on the fly. Which is a bad habit, unless you are playing a game like Legends of Andor. The game’s mechanics surprised me and the inventions can work like combos in a deck builder. We all enjoyed the game and I look forward to teaching it to other friends. It’s light weight, but should satisfy most of you hardcore gamers out there. Kids will fall in love with the fact you can kill dinosaurs, even though that’s not scientifically accurate. If you are looking for something to play on a school night or take with you on vacation then definitely check out Cavemen The Quest For Fire. If your kids are into games with a prehistoric theme make sure you read our review of Ugg-Tect.

You can purchase Cavemen The Quest For Fire at Amazon.


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