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CB2 Hopscotch Rug

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As a child growing up in the city, there was always something delightful about going to the park and finding a hopscotch board already outlined on the pavement in vivid pink or blue chalk. For one thing, if you were like me, you never owned those fat chunks of chalk that everyone else seemed to have, nor did you have a clue where the magical chalk fairy—who most assuredly delivered it—could be found. In the same way you automatically had to run to a candy store and spend a dollar you found on the street, you just couldn’t pass up a hopscotch board without digging around on the ground for the perfect sized pebble and making your way from the 1 to the 2 to the 3—and so forth—without losing your balance.

The Hopscotch Rug, by Italian design team A/R Studio, is a draw for both children and adults. For kids, it includes everything a real hopscotch game lacks: namely, a way to play hopscotch indoors without having to hunt down colossal chalk sticks. Parents will love the clever design, goes-with-everything grey/brown shade (dyed to look like asphalt!), and the fact that it is crafted from 100% fine Argentine wool. Each 4’x6’ rug is made in India, can be spot cleaned, and features a 100% cotton backing. The Hopscotch Rug is gender neutral and a perfect fit for children of all ages, making this purchase a chic and economically sound investment.

And now a quick show of hands: how many of us plan on sneaking into the kids’ room during the day to play a quick game?

We promise it won’t do this:

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