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Celestial Buddies Plush Toy

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I get my love of astronomy from my dad. Sometimes, on warm summer nights, we would hang out together outside on the porch playing checkers and looking up at the star-filled sky. He suffered my questions — they were endless — and did his best to explain why the stars twinkle, why some of them are different colors, and why they move across the sky. Things like seasons and moon phases were more complicated and required hands-on demonstration. Often, he would grab a flashlight, basketball, softball, and whatever else was laying around to demonstrate the tilt of the Earth on its axis which causes the seasons, and how eclipses work. It was great fun, and I learned a lot, even though the balls or flashlight would often get dropped.

Fortunately, times have changed and now there is an easier way to demonstrate the way the solar system works to your own curious tot. Plush Celestial Buddies are a dad’s astronomical best friend. These soft planetary friends with adorable faces can be squished and loved by the wee one (aged 3 and up) who is starting to learn about orbits and planets, and are cute enough to keep everyone’s attention. You can grab the Earth, the Moon and Mars from the folks over at Fat Brain.

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