Cell Diagram Kids Nursery Art Print

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Cell Diagram Print

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You know what this print reminds me of? Having to make a physical construct of a cell in my science class back in school. There’s always one science teacher who insists that their students take the class too seriously, and administers a homework assignment requiring them to create dioramas of cells. I remember using all sorts of different products for each of the parts: cashews for the mitochondria, green jello for the ribosomes, and a great many other random household objects. Of course it turned out horribly, but I think I may have actually learned something in the process and that’s the important part.

Simply studying the different parts from an art print may give your kids the same amount of success, without all the messy cleanup. This Cell Diagram Print contains all the necessary information about an animal cell, contained inside a colorful, eye-catching art depiction.

Your little scientists are constantly taking things apart and exploring their world, and it seems like there are always more questions than answers. By having this poster to stare at, dreamy minds will begin to imagine and discover things that are even smaller than what they can see. Nothing helps kids discover their own answers than a clean, graphically-pleasing visual.

Each print comes in your choice of blue, purple, or pink, and measures 8″x10″. Hang it up on your mini cytologist’s wall, or use it in a classroom setting to great effect. Either way, if the kids in your life have a passion for the sciences, or they just want to stare at a colorful interpretation of an animal’s insides, find some space for this Cell Print. Just don’t blame us for the new questions they may have!

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