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Chalk And Tees Chalkboard T-Shirt

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So your little angel has a devilish liking for drawing on the walls? Not bad if your kid is this little Aussie, but chances are your tot hasn’t quite captured those hoity-toity surrealist techniques (nor has their own painting space for that matter). Never fret! Drawing on the walls is about to become a thing of the past and surrealist techniques—well, that kid’s just a show off.

The Chalk and Tees Chalkboard t-shirt is the answer to your question: “How do I dress my kid up, keep them entertained and stop them from drawing on the walls?” So comfy to wear (so we hear, we’d never try to fit into one of these ourselves and accidentally rip out the armholes; honest!), your kid is not only going to have the time of their life wearing this tee, but we’re pretty sure they’ll love you forever for buying this for them.

The tees come in a range of designs (bunnies, flowers, balloons, scary clowns) and colors, fitting your mini artist/trend-setter from ages 3 – 8. Each tee comes accompanied by your kid’s soon-to-be best friend: a little bag of four multicolored chalks. We wish we came up with this idea.

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