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Chalktrail The Ultimate Bike Accessory

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Chain-driven bicycles have changed little since they were invented in 1885. Accessories for bikes, on the other hand, have evolved from baseball cards in wheel spokes to wireless cycle computers. Now there’s a delightfully low-tech and wicked addition to enhance your little one’s biking experience. FatBrain sent us this amazing new product, Chalktrail.

Chalktrail attaches to your child’s rear wheel and acts as a plastic arm that drags a fat piece of colored chalk along the ground. Sounds awesome, right? It is. Why didn’t we think of that 25 years ago?

Your little Picasso will be able to draw all kinds of crazy washable street art all over the neighborhood. If your lame neighbors have no sense of whimsy, you can kindly let them know the abstract art will be gone with the next rainstorm. The chalk comes in four colors, with a diameter of about 1.5 inches. They do sell replacement chalk for when your offspring will doubt wear down that initial piece on the first long ride.

If they had this back in the 80’s, I would have gone through a piece of chalk every day. The neighbors would have loved me when I took a detour through their driveway. Their irritation is a small price to pay for a great way to get your kid outside and away from video games, internet or TV.

Still have your doubts? Check out this video below for a demonstration.

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