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Charles Darwin Little Thinker

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Real rational scientific thought is facing some pretty tough times right now, and nothing better exemplifies that than the ongoing debates over Darwinism.

In 1859, Darwin published On The Origin of Species, and so was born one of mankind’s eternal questions: “If we evolved from monkeys, how’s come there’s still monkeys?” Okay, it’s not one of the eternal questions – it’s the mating call of the slack-jawed mouth breather (Dimwitticus Americanus), which itself is a transitional species, evolved from the thick-browed flat earther (Moronicus Europae). Where this species is going, nobody is quite sure – that’s all part of the beauty of evolution.

The nice thing about truth is that it can always be rediscovered – but that’s an awful lot of work. Why not just get your kids thinking critically about life on earth with the Charles Darwin Little Thinker doll? This plush doll is 12” tall and comes dressed for the sophisticated gentlemanly science of the 19th century, sporting a dapper gray suit and long beard.

Just remember that when it’s time for real science, it’s time for real science: the Little Thinker Charles Darwin doll is a snuggly bedtime companion for your little evolutionary biologist, but it’s up to you to make sure that your child naturally selects a life of inquiry and reason!

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