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Charley Harper’s Sticky Critters

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There are your garden-variety “great job!” or “way to go!” stickers handed out at the end of gymnastics class. There are also the stickers provided at the end of a dental visit: “great job (for not crying while we drilled a hole in your mouth!);” “way to go (home with a mouth full of Novocain!)”

There are fairies and kittens and robots (okay robots are pretty awesome) but regardless of what kind they may be, stickers all share the same fate. Oh sure, they’re fun for a while, but then the kiddos run out of paper and stick them to the windows of the car and the house and when they run out of house they get really bored. Creativity has been, to say the least, limited — and then the folks at Pomegranate went and fixed all that!

Charley Harper’s Sticky Critters are one part puzzle, one part game, one part sticker, and one part minimal realist artistic genius. Artist Charley Harper created prints of wildlife out of simplified graphic shapes and bold colors. This kit translates that into stickers that do a lot more than just congratulate you on your dental work. The budding minimalist in the back seat will be happy putting together the various shapes to create everything from a parrot fish to a koala — or they can also make up their own animals. Yeah, your car windows will still be littered with stickers but who else can say they have an original hound-oposso-fish on their rearview window?

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