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Chemistry Baby Geek Periodic Table Onesie

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Ah chemistry – the protons, the neutrons, the electrons, the quarks, the hadrons, all the little things that get together to make big things; kind of how little geeklings grow up to become full-fledged nerdy adults like us!

In tenth grade chemistry, half the fun was coming up with words spelled out by periodic elements. It was a lot like playing scrabble on account of the incomplete alphabet, that and sometimes you’d get letters linked to other letters (it’s amazing how unuseful Manganese is…basically the Q-without-U of the periodic table).

In any case, Germanium plus Einsteinium plus Potassium make Geek. Okay, technically it should make GeEsK, but who’s gonna catch that? Other chemists. Congratulations, you’ve just started a conversation with a chemist, and you’re going to be fast friends all on account of this onesie. You can thank us later – but please do it before your new chemist friend introduces your kid to the explosive wonder that is Diet Coke and Mentos.

This onesie is available in sizes from 6 months up to 24 months, is made out of a gray cotton-poly blend, and has been hand silk-screened with a chemically aware shout-out to other nerdy parents.

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