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Chief BIue Meanie Plush Toy

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It’s hard to imagine that a character in a Beatles movie would hate music, but in the 1968 animated film, Yellow Submarine, Chief Blue Meanie rules the fictional Pepperland like a warmonger. He sprays oppressive ideals through disgusting yellow teeth, and is hell bent on destroying the Fab 4 and their “evil” rock n’ roll tuneage. For close to 90 minutes, the blueberry-like madman — or whatever it happens to be — chases the British darlings across the tripped out universe, acting like the equivalent of your parents when they kept telling you to repeatedly turn down your music, but only crazier and WAY more fascist than your mom or pop could ever be.

As his demeanor on screen comes across as a harsh dictating tyrant, plush Chief Blue Meanie is a whole lot cuddlier and inviting than his animated character could ever be. His 14” height adds a disarming factor to the rotting set of chompers, scary-looking nose and creepy smile, but his inability to keep the Beatles at bay due to your little Beatle-bugger’s obsession with Yellow Submarine will be pretty much impossible. For the small one in the family who loves everything John, Paul, George and Ringo, and who also loves swingin’ 60’s animation and faraway places like Pepperland, a miniature version of this iconic super villain is a gift that they’ll love. Cause love is all you really need.

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