Children’s 2013 Fall Fashion Trends


With brand new fashion weeks popping up all over the map, the world of kids’ fashion is really coming into its own. This past March marked the inaugural Global Kids’ Fashion Week in London, where a star-studded audience devoted their entire attention to whimsical, miniature wardrobes from the world’s best designers.

Alex and Alexa hosted the global fashion event, which was the first of its kind. On display were fall and winter fun mini-fashions from designers like Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Juicy Couture and Supertrash.

A few trends that could be spotted across the board were highlighter bright accents of orange and yellow mingled with subtle and subdued natural tones of pink, khaki and grey. Textures and ensembles focused heavily on juxtaposing unlikely elements, like chunky black lace-up shoes mixed with delicate fitted dresses. Taking a grown-up style and playfully adding a mismatched accessory adds a bit of whimsy and a sense of rebellion.

Vibrant Brights and Bold Graphics

Global Kids Fashion Week SS13 Public Show In Aid Of Kids Company - Front Row & Show

Sprinkled in amongst the markedly subdued palette of nudes, navies and light grays were outfits and accessories that popped in a big way. Anna Kurris featured bright graphics and colors in a way that was youthful and fresh. Her line also featured animal graphics, which also made big appearances across designers. The Little Marc Jacobs line also featured whimsical prints.

Designers like John Galliano couldn’t resist the urge to play with the superhero trend, and made many of their kids’ graphics extra-heroic.


Socks and Sandals

Amongst all the color-popping youthful freshness, there seemed to be a bit of a playful geriatric vibe with bowties, rolled up cuffs, suspenders and socks with sandals. Many styles were continuing the trend from the spring toward very mature looks, but always with some sort of playful twist. These two ensembles are from Finger in the Nose and Scotch Shrunk.



Not just for your grandma’s kitchen anymore, one color that recurred often as an accent to accompany the neutrals was bright avocado green. The color made its way onto solid pants and shorts, and as trim for accessories. Finger in the Nose and Ana Kurris both played around with this surprisingly pleasing shade of green.


Washed-out prints, Nude Tones and Neutrals

Prim and proper from far away, it’s the little details that make these seemingly innocuous ensembles a little bit edgy. Rolled cuffs and a leopard purse are a few ways to add an unexpected contrast to these grown-up outfits by Roberto Cavalli.



Suits and bow ties were everywhere when it came to boys’ attire. Suits are so in right now that they’re even spilling into girls’ fashion, as in the case of these adorable gender-bending cuties at the petite PARADE event modeling Stride Rite shoes. Again, check out the juxtaposition of the prim suits and playful shoes.



One great way to add a ton of personality to a plain top or dress is to find a few pairs of wacky, off-the wall graphic leggings like this pair from La Loi. Their line of quirky, modern leggings have a range of realistic graphics like birds, water and a starry night. The line is unisex, so fashion-forward boys are welcome too.


Black Leather Shoes, Ankle Boots and Nude-Tone Flats

When it came to shoes, going classic with brown or black and adding whimsy with bright laces or tall, scrunchy socks is the overwhelming preference on the runway. In this ensemble from Paul Smith Junior, ankle boots make the shorts a little better suited for the summer-to-fall transition.


It’s important to remember when helping your kids shop that even though the fashion world can be serious, they shouldn’t try to grow up too fast. Simple, neutral outfits are blank canvases for kids to express themselves by playfully mismatching or adding a bright accessory.

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