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Children’s Configurable Fort

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The hands-down winner of the 2012 Why-Didn’t-They-Have-This-When-I-Was-A-Kid award goes to Hammecher Schlemmer’s forty-six piece Configurable Fort playset.

Like a cross between your favorite Lego kit and the cushions from your parent’s couch, the Configurable Fort can be easily snapped together (for ages 6 and up) into hundreds of combinations – towers, tunnels, mazes, and forts can all be fit together quickly and easily, and then reinforced with connector clips. While the kit comes with instructions for twelve pre-designed configurations, half the fun of a toy like this comes from letting kids figure out new ways to make it all come together.

Tear-down is as easy as assembly, and the playset comes with a zippered carrying case, allowing you to store the whole thing neatly and discretely, also to take the kit on-the-go to the park, the beach, or anywhere else. The pieces are made of a non-toxic UV resistant polymer for long life and colorfastness. When things get sticky and dirty, the whole package can be cleaned off with a garden hose.

While show-and-tell isn’t technically a competition, it’s safe to say that your kids will win when they show up with the Configurable Fort!

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