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Children’s Lab Coat

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Your kids could play “scientist” without their very own lab coats, but why should they? The lab coat ties the whole thing together: the test tubes, the Erlenmeyer flasks, the tesla coils, the crashing lightning, and the maniacal laughter are all so much less meaningful without a genuine white lab coat.

This lightweight poplin coat with plastic buttons looks and feels like the real thing. It’s machine washable, and comes with a real working plastic stethoscope. For a small fee, you can upgrade to a metal stethoscope, making this costume extra authentic. You can also add up to three lines of monogramming to this coat. What will yours say? “Mad Scientist?” “Little Frankenstein?” “It’s Alive?” The monogramming is completely customizable, so not only can you order whatever text you’d like, you can also choose whether to put it on the right or left sleeve or the chest. There are a number of font selections available, and the jackets range in size from youth 2 to 14U.

Authenticity is everything – the thin, cartoony fake lab coats available at toy stores will only help to inspire a cartoony fake interest in science. Kids who get the real thing feel like they’re performing real experiments, and will be more likely to keep performing real experiments once they’ve outgrown their first lab coat.

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