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Chimp My Kart Tee

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“Yo dawg, I herd you like karts, so I put a kart in yo kart so you can drive while you drive.” Could you imagine the craziness that would ensue if Xzibit were allowed to get anywhere near the Mushroom Kingdom? We would have karts made out of DK barrels, warp pipes, Yoshi eggs, Lakitu clouds… wait a second.

The Chimp My Kart t-shirt is a parody of a once-popular television show called Pimp my Ride, where famed rapper Xzibit took old cars that people could barely keep running, and transformed them into hyper-expensive, flamboyant party vehicles in his garage. Donkey Kong here is enjoying his kart in similar fashion, since they have become increasingly more customizable over the last few Mario Kart games.

This Chimp my Kart shirt makes two bold statements. The first is that the wearer is likely a fan of Mario Kart, or video games in general. The second, is that the wearer is likely familiar with hilarious and recurring internet memes. Both of these are reasons to be proud of owning this tee. However, bold statements are often not enough. What really proves a person’s worth, is whether or not they decide to use that blue shell that’s been sitting in their inventory since Lap 2. You wouldn’t do that, would you?

They actually made a Pimp My Ride video game, and we found a humorous, yet most likely accurate video review of it here:

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