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Christopher Walken Tee

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Is there anyone in this world whose wit and sparkling banter outmatches yours? Why yes, there is–your toddler’s! Little Cosette or Draco is probably spouting Heidegger quotes while turning up her nose at all the Target-Harajuku Mini-wearing peons surrounding her. That’s why you’ll have to turn to Baby Wit (

Though they have many awesome tees, the Christopher Walken prints win the crown for creepiness in children’s clothing. Walken’s face stares out at you from a black background, and you can conjure up your favorite Walken quote/scene each time you sneak a peek at your little angel. My personal favorite is his psychotic character Dwayne from Annie Hall

The appearance of this tee is certain to scare off all the other kids at the playground… except for the really twisted ones. You won’t want to wear this to Messy Art, however–it’s too cute to get stained with paste and tempera paints! Made in Portland, (by pacifists, I am sure), using organic cotton and non-toxic inks. The prices for these tees, especially considering that they are organic, are great! This one rings up at 21.00, and is available as a tee, onesie, or wife beater, sizes 3-18M. Personally, I would suggest pairing it with some tap shoes as a tribute to Walken’s tapping acumen.

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