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Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag

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The Chumbuddy sleeping bag is quite possibly the most awesome sleeping bag ever created (it’s kind of a toss-up between this and the Tauntaun). It was designed to look like a massive shark; you even have to go through the mouth to get inside! When your child braves climbing into the tooth-filled jaws of this deadly-looking predator turned cozy sleeping bag, he or she will be the envy of every camper or sleepover buddy. I know I would have loved a sleeping bag like this when I was a kid.

If your kid has bad dreams about shark attacks or avoids the deep end of the pool because of his or her overactive imagination, crawling past the gills and teeth of this iconicly terrifying monster of the deep may be intimidating at first. But once they feel how warm and snuggly the inside of a shark can really be, they will have finally conquered their fears so they can move on to being terrified by real things (like zombies and vampires).

Devouring everyone in its path, the Chumbuddy is large enough to engorge itself on almost any-sized sleeper. There’s more than enough space for your child to rest soundly inside the shark’s warm belly, or even wiggle around in there. Chumbuddy is filled with polyester fiber and a poly/cotton blend lining ensuring that your lil’ geek’s stay inside the shark will be warm and content. The bag is long enough to eat adults, too, if you’re brave enough to take turns being devoured by a shark (and assuming your kid gives up control).

When not being used as a sleeping bag, the Chumbuddy doubles as a large plush toy, perfect to add to your child’s collection of cuddly, oversized creatures. I’d advise against putting Chumbuddy in that section of your kid’s bedroom closet next to the weaker stuffed animals, though. There’s no telling how big this shark’s appetite is.

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