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Cleanwater Collection Infant Tub

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Traditionally, parents have only had a few choices when it came to bathing their infants: fill up a huge bath tub to wash a tiny baby, wash the kid in the sink (which was not twenty minutes ago filled with dirty dishes and bits of last night’s dinner), or buy a plastic bathing tub, which provides no big advantage to the bathtub or sink, but adds to the clutter of a house already overrun with baby care supplies.

Welcome to the twenty-first century – the Cleanwater Infant Tub (for kids up to 7-months-old) is less a tub and more a complete baby bathing system. Never too hot or too cold, the tub comes with a digital faucet cover featuring a built-in thermometer and for added protection, this product comes with a support sponge to help keep newborns in place.

Best of all, the Cleanwater Infant Tub lets you wash your child with running water: dirty water goes out, and clean water comes in. Anyone who has ever washed a baby knows what a messy process it can be, and will appreciate the smooth flow of water carrying dirt and mess away and leaving a nice, clean baby in its place.

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