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Clementine Natural Art Markers

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Throw in the phrases “all natural” and “non-toxic” and you’ve sold us, hook, line and sinker. While most of us probably grew up on Cheetos and YooHoo and happily sniffed our chemically enhanced markers (or glue), that would never do for our kids. That’s why Clementine’s natural markers, made with plant and mineral pigments, are perfect! Especially since most young children’s favorite place to draw is on their own bodies. (How do they manage to get marker in the most remote places? Maybe if you weren’t surfing on Pinterest for an hour, you could prevent it).

The set includes four colors–orange, yellow, purple and pink. One note: natural pigment markers do tend to appear less “vibrant” than traditional Crayola markers, since the colors are derived from nature (rather than from Red Dye No 5). So these will be great drawing tools for creating more naturalistic scenes or drawings! (Or for decorating the walls in a less obtrusive way than regular markers will). The packaging materials, which feature a lovely, minimalist design, are made from 80% recycled materials. This might make up for all the paper your kid will consume when drawing their many masterpieces!

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