Club Punx Vinyl Figure Maxx

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Club Punx Vinyl Figure Maxx

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There’s this thing called the Fung Wah Bus; you’ve probably heard of it because they’ve been in the news a lot lately. It was a series of large, rickety vessels that traveled from New York City to Boston for only $30 round trip (they’re currently closed down, apparently they were exploding or something). I had the displeasure of taking the bus last year. I say “displeasure” because I didn’t realize they dropped passengers off in Chinatown to fend for themselves in a foreign place (well, foreign to me at least). Thankfully the NYC landscape is easily walkable… kinda. So I hiked from Chinatown up to Midtown, and the moment I stepped in SoHo I traipsed upon the now defunct CBGB’s (Country, Bluegrass, and Blues), all primed and proper looking; it’s now a men’s boutique for the fashionably insecure.

CBGB’s was a mecca for up-and-coming punk bands, even prior to the Sex Pistols. On any given night, aside from the various fights started by Dee Dee Ramone, you’d probably see someone like Maxx; this is a punker-rockin’ action figure who’s dressed like a quintessential punk that your mohawk-lovin’ children will love to play with instead of their G.I. Joe’s or plastic dollies.

Evoking the spirit of the old school, Maxx, the punk rock all-star, is a vinyl action figure complete with ripped jeans, leather jacket, TATTOOS!, and super cool bracelet. Grabbing one of these unique figures is an exercise in support of a scene that once was but will never again be because now they sell pants that cost more than my rent.

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