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Coco Stylewood Natural Baby Lounger

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Did you give birth to a wriggling worm? You know, a baby that can’t stop moving. If your tot’s gotta shake their groove thang all hours of the day (like this little babe right here) then we recommend the Coco Stylewood Natural Baby Lounger. We know–kids get all the cool stuff.

First you’ll be blown away by the baby lounger’s incredibly chic design. It’s almost like a work of art, no, it is a work of art. Unlike the other baby bouncers that make the home look (let’s be honest) a little bit ugly, this baby lounger makes a very stylish addition to any room. So stylish that once your friends see this, they’re gonna want to know where you got it (even the friends without kids!).

It’s a curved, single-piece frame and features a five point padded safety harness, which is adjustable as your baby grows. To make bouncing around an even more luxurious time (as if baby doesn’t get it easy already, right?), it has leatherette upholstery that’s super soft and oh-so cozy. You’re wishing these came for grownups too now, right? So are we. Baby’s gonna love the soothing rocking motion, you’re gonna love the clever design, and together that makes one happy family.

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