What Your Mug Cupboard Says About Your Family


Aside from a fridge, the mug cupboard is arguably the most important spot in the kitchen. Are your mugs perched precariously on top of each other, or are they in neat rows with the handles all facing the same way? If your mugs hang from hooks, don’t worry, that still counts. You can tell a lot about where a family’s been and where they’re going by their mug cupboard.

The Traveling Family

The traveling family knows that while coffee and hot chocolate help warm them up on a snuggly Saturday morning, the memories of the places they’ve been can warm them up even more. If your cupboard is full of mugs from the places you’ve been, it’s pretty obvious to any visitor to your kitchen where you’d rather be (hint: anywhere but here).


The “I like it here” mug is available from Etsy seller BreadandBadger (with other state shapes besides just Oregon).

The Family of Bibliophiles

If one of your family’s greater truths is that nothing goes better together than books and big thick mugs, your cupboard may just have a bunch of mugs sporting eye-roll inducing puns, pieces of grammatical wisdom, and book covers. One look at your cupboard tells the casual onlooker that the only thing more full than your bookshelf is your Kindle.


The Hobbit book cover mug can be purchased at Etsy shop CaesarGJ.

The Family Who Loves Comics

A peek into your cupboard will tell the world that in your home, they must pick a side between Marvel and DC. At the very least they should know the difference. You can bet the kids’ drawers are full of Superman undies and their hearts are full of noble ambition.


Minimalist Avengers quote mugs can be found at FandomFox.

The Crafty Family

While the normal family has mostly ceramic in their mug cupboard, the crafty family doesn’t put any parameters on mug material. While there’s probably ceramic in there somewhere, it’s well-hidden behind artsy hand-thrown clay pieces and mugs wearing sweaters. This family is serious about home crafts.

If you’re a frequent guest in this home, next time you come over you should make something to give them as a gift; they’ll love it more than anyone else on the list. Better yet, just do a lap down the craft aisle and stock up on craft supplies for the kids (the more glittery the better).


The red heart mug cozy (with bonus gamer reference) can be found at Lilacgifts.

The Forest-Creature Loving Family

Maybe you follow the forest animal flavor of the month trend, or maybe you’re still hoping that your favorite creature will be next. If you were a fox lover before six months ago (or an owl lover before that), you know what it feels like for your time in the sun to finally arrive. Either way, animal trends may come and go but mugs last forever. If your cupboard is full of these, anyone can see that your family has found the key to being stylish, outdoorsy and big-hearted all at once.


The hedgehog and fox mug can be found at abbyberkson‘s Etsy shop.

The Gaming Family

More than anyone, gamers know firsthand what caffeine can help them achieve. For the gaming family, not only is the mug a vessel for the sacred nectre of the gods, it’s also the perfect way to bridge the gap between generations. Serve up a cup of hot choco for the little ones while you tell tales of your conquests and load up an old game for a trip down memory lane. The Nintendo mugs in a gamer’s cupboard should be a clear message that you’ll probably be handed a controller at some point during your visit.


The customizable Kirby mug (which is adorably round, just like our favorite flying pink puff) can be found at stotkincreations.

The Modernist Family

If your cupboard is full of things that you love because nobody understands them (not even you), you’re probably a modernist. The only thing weirder than your mug is what’s inside of it (is your yak butter tea off, or is it supposed to taste that way?)

A visitor taking a peek at your mug cupboard knows a trip to your home will be full of fun surprises.


This mug with hooves can be purchased at Etsy’s barceramics.

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