cdza: A Musical Resource for Kids of Any Age


Music education is usually one of two things: fun but not very productive, or productive but not very fun. Rare — and, not coincidentally most effective — are the teachers who make learning a blast, weaving educational material into lessons that engage and entertain students.

And so we have Collective Cadenza (cdza), a talented group of musicians, actors, engineers and videographers who have put together a series of videos to both educate and entertain parents and children alike. Music history, classical and pop song structure, musical comedy and more are covered by these charismatic performers. All in the service of education … or mostly, anyway.

Here’s a great vid encouraging youngsters to groove on classical music.

What a fantastic idea, and those cute little composers, with their wigs and coats, put mindless pop lyrics to the greatest compositions of all time. Clever and subversive, it’s a wonderful way to get children interested in the classical genre without making them feel like complete dorks.

The “History of Lyrics That Aren’t Lyrics” is another clever piece that should appeal to kids, simply because of its silliness. Out of context, all of the “la la la’s” and the “doo doo doo’s” seem super-ridiculous, and any kid can appreciate that. Get them to sing along, or create examples all your own. There’s no shortage of non-lyrics out there.

And this one is an absolute riot, capitalizing on our universal misinterpretation of pop lyrics. Admit it — you’ve heard at least some of these lyrics this way:

From “bathroom on the right” to “wrapped up like a douche, another runner in the night,” you’ve heard it all before. But your kids haven’t, and they’re bound to see the humor in these misinterpretations. And again, you and your mini-me’s can listen for lyrics in their favorite songs that you can intentionally misconstrue.

While pop music continues its downward spiral into dumbness, cdza has found a way to make magic for kids of any age. Take advantage of this magnificent resource, and get your kids into music of all kinds … without them even knowing that they are (ahem …) learning something.

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