QR Code College Donation ONesie

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College Donation QR Code Onesie

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Feeling like playing a trick on the curious? Want to target just about anyone who has a smart phone? Really like the color orange? Then we’ve got a new onesie for your kid. This onesie has a prank imbedded in it, and it’s likely to catch anyone foolish enough to wonder where the massive QR code will take them (which is just about everyone, because who doesn’t want to scan random, unmarked QR codes?).

Here’s how it works. Unwitting passerby see your child with the ridiculously alluring QR code on it. They undoubtedly want to know what it is. Assuming that people will assume you want them to figure out what the QR code is, they will scan it with their smart phone, thinking that it is bound to be some cute, baby-related thing. Imagine their surprise when this legitimate-looking application appears to be taking money from their bank account in the form of a college donation for your kid!

Of course, the whole thing is fake, but the QR code does launch a realistic-looking automatic deduction process. Most people will assume that they are now making a donation to your family, so hilarity will ensue as they scramble to rectify their new “issue”.

That’s worth the price of this shirt alone, especially if you said you liked the color orange.

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