Color Wheel Kids Shirt

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Color Wheel Kids Tee

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There are so many things I love about Little Lark’s Color Wheel T-shirt. Where do I begin?

I adore its delightful lemon yellow hue, which reminds me of spring days spent at the zoo and park. I love that the color wheel graphic is bold and noticeable, spanning from just below the neckline to your little one’s abdomen. And I really appreciate the thought put behind the graphic. The color wheel helps children learn about the many colors that can be created using only the primary shades of red, blue, and yellow (think of them as the “big three”). A sliver of purple peeks out from in between a red and blue triangle, orange bursts its bright head through red and yellow shapes, and serene green quietly nestles itself in the middle of its blue and yellow parents.

Your children are already well aware of the magic of color, and will only benefit from this fashionable lesson in primary, secondary, and complementary hues. From a purely practical mom standpoint, the Color Wheel T-shirt matches every single pair of pants or skirt your child owns, which makes getting dressed on busy spring and summer mornings a lot less of a hassle.

If it isn’t enough of a reason to own such a gorgeous shirt, you can feel great knowing that Little Lark is a woman owned and operated company that is based in Portland, Oregon. All of its apparel is sweatshop free, made from 100% cotton, lead free, and individually screen printed by hand.

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