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Since the kids are banned from TV and the internet for a month (don’t worry, the babysitter’s hair will grow back soon enough), isn’t it about time you got the little rascals something to keep them occupied? After all, you don’t want their minds wandering very far during a grounding—imagine what mischief they can get up to without something to keep them distracted. Enter Colorku. A wooden puzzles kids will go nuts over!

This game is like those Japanese logic puzzles—you know, the ones you can never make sense of. Except this one’s geared towards kids 8 years and up. How does it work, you ask? Well, now that you’ve asked, let us explain: kids place all the marbles on the board and try to solve the puzzle by placing one colored marble in each of the nine rows, columns and three-by-three squares. It’s really not as easy as it seems (as you’ll soon find out!).

There’s only one solution to each puzzle but once your smarty-pants has cracked the first one, there’s no stopping him from achieving victory in all 5 levels. Go on! Give your child’s brain a workout and watch as he transforms from ordinary kid to logical genius extraordinaire!

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