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Oh, puns, where would we be without you?

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, both are probably true. Puns are a unique humor construct in that they are jokes that are not meant to be laughed at – rather, a good pun elicits a groan. It’s mock cleverness that is actually clever; a joke told for the benefit of the teller since half the fun is making everyone else roll their eyes and shake their heads.

Thankfully, this “Come to the Nerd Side” tee doesn’t have a shaggy dog set-up, it just gets the joke out in two lines (and a densely nerded joke it is too: a Star Wars reference, a math reference, and a pun? We’re at geek critical mass here).

When your kid wears this tee (Yes, the shirt comes in kid’s sizes), you can pun with impunity (im-pun-ity, get it?) because hey, nobody is going to tell your kid to shut up; that’s rude! Kind of like how when you read a pun on an anonymized product review site, you can’t send a terse all-caps STFU to the author…which reminds me:

Did I ever tell you about the time we all went camping on the cheap in December?
It was the winter of our discount tent!

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