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Community: A Cooperative Game

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Community is described as a cooperative game and is perfect for mixed ages. EeBoo knew what they were doing when they created this game designed to teach children (and their parents for that matter) about how to work together to create a community by building roads from their home location to the important establishments within the community (such as school, museum, library, park, “spiritual center,” and stores). The emphasis on road-building and the 82 flocked game tiles are reminiscent of Settlers of Catan, but Community is aimed at kids five and older (a younger target than even Catan Junior). Each player takes turns placing tiles, encouraging cooperation as well as forethought and strategy.

The sunny rainbow scene on the cover of the game adds to the artistic feel, which fits in with the rest of eeBoo’s products because they commission artwork from “well-known and well-loved” children’s book illustrators. Kudos to them for creating games whose aim seems to be helping children understand that we reside in a place populated by many other people, all of whom need to work together in order to solve problems. Cue “Shiny, Happy, People” and start weeping now over the sweet and genuine nature of this game! Of course, Community is made from 90% recycled materials, as all feel-good games should be. Now let’s just hope your little savages don’t turn this “Community” into a Lord of the Flies situation!


  1. Coop and food. Receipe for success!

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