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Companion Cube Onesie

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Oh Companion Cube, how I loved thee! Even as I incinerated you. Seriously, though, if your get your wee one this sweet onesie to wear, you really should take better care of him than you did your Companion Cube. I lost the instruction manual that came with my kid, but I’m pretty certain the manufacturer label specifically recommended not incinerating your child.

The onesie itself has a nice, minimalistic style to it that, like many Jinx products, bespeaks of the secret lingo known only amongst us hardcore gaming nerds. To the average person the shirt just looks like a happy little bundle of sunshine, complete with a cheerful, loving heart in the center. To those in the know, however, the outfit bespeaks of our own secret heartbreak and anguish at having set our loved cube on fire. Jinx has a second design, very similar to this one except using a pink color scheme, so if the blue isn’t working for you it is possible to get one in the original cube color. I like the blue however. It makes me think of my boy as my little buddy. My companion. Who spontaneously vomits on me. So cute.

Pro-Tip: 0-24M sizes available.

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