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Computer Illustrations Print

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Look around your house, specifically at the art and decorations on the walls, and what do you see? Do you see awesome reflections of your geek lifestyle? Do you see Star Wars and Star Trek posters? Do you see a bookshelf overflowing with vampire novels? Or do you see a couple of paintings that you got from a starving artist’s sale after the hotels in your town already took the best stuff?

If your little geek is into computing, then reinforce that love with this cool print. These cute, cartoony, slightly squiggly prints don’t depict computers in stark and graphic realism, but then again, you could just hang the parts diagram from your owner’s manual for that. Instead, this is a playful interpretation of computing. Most of the computers look like laptops, but laptops with buzzers, buttons, dials, and lights that call back to the earliest days of computing, when Cobol and Fortran were king!

The way computing is going, what with the cloud and all, this could be a good chance to give your kid a computer history lesson. Tell him or her about the evolution of the personal computer from dummy terminals and punch cards through laptops and tablets, and now back to virtualized storage solutions. It’s a heady legacy, a big historical inheritance, and something your kid will get to play with forever.

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