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Constellation Memory Game

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Let’s play a game, just us grown-ups: Tell me, at a glance, the difference between the constellations Cassiopeia and Monoceros. Wait, rewind for a second: did you even know there was a constellation called Monoceros, the one-horned, the unicorn?

In all fairness, neither did we. In our defense, we didn’t have the Constellation memory game from Pomegranate Kids. If we had, maybe we wouldn’t spend precious hours trying to find the little dipper. We can never find the little dipper – the big dipper? Sure, every time – there it is. Can’t miss it. The little dipper? Isn’t one of the stars supposed to be the brightest? All we see is satellites – then again, life in the city comes with light pollution.

Lucky for us it also comes with plenty of street signs – we’d never be able to navigate by starlight.

The constellations are recognizable patterns of stars and galaxies which appear in concert in our night sky. That’s because they are so far away that their positions seem immutable. The constellations may move north or south, east or west, or be on the other side of the planet at any given time, but they’re always out there somewhere waiting to be spotted by keen-eyed astronomers and imaginative kids alike.

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