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Construct A Space Diorama Kit

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Back in the day, if we needed to create space dioramas for a school project, it would have included some odd concoction of a shoebox, twigs, rocks, old fruit, another shoebox, and maybe two colors of mostly dried paint. Jupiter would have been an oddly colored marble hanging from a shoestring. We’d have to specifically point out that it was Jupiter, too, because nobody in their right mind would be able to figure it out with the lackluster selection of tools we were given to demonstrate anything.

Fortunately, those tools have evolved now that our kids are in school. They don’t have to use the same archaic methods we did; they can create the coolest dioramas ever, using pre-made sets like this Space Diorama construction set. Construct a Space Diorama is essentially a pop-up book with an entire arsenal of space-related material. All of it can be cut out, and placed in whatever configuration your child likes, to build the coolest-looking diorama this side of the Milky Way Galaxy. The set comes with all sorts of pieces, like spaceships, planets, stars, and even a space station.

If your kid needs to build a diorama for class or just for fun, and loves space, then Construct a Space Diorama Kit is like the expansion pack of diorama supplies. Their next step might be something like the one in this video, in which case, you’re going to need more glue:

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