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Constructible Drinking Straw

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Drinking milk can be SUCH a chore, and strenuous on the arms—you know, all that picking up and placing down. Kids need a break! What’s that you say? A straw would give them a break from all this effort in drinking? Well, it just so happens that we’ve found a straw that will knock the kids’ socks off and have you wishing were 7-years-old again.

The Constructible Drinking Straw laughs in the face of every other straw your kid has ever put in their mouth. No, seriously. This is a straw with ‘tude, a straw so unique that once your child uses these on a playdate, they’re pretty much at their childhood peak and guaranteed popularity for years to come. We do not kid. This straw is so cool, it’d be the James Dean of straws if we were comparing straws to people (which is kind of weird so we’re not).

Sold by MOMA and designed by New Yorker Frank Frisari, this twisty, bendy, totally awesome drinking straw set includes rubber connectors that can be used to construct designs you’ve always wanted from a drinking straw. But the best part—the very best part in all of this—is that this straw allows you to drink from multiple glasses at the same time (we really wanted to put that last part in caps, but we held ourselves back).

It’s recommended for kids 6 years and up because of the small connectors, but there’s no age limit, so when you scoop one up for the littlies, you can sneakily order one for yourself too—nobody’s judging!

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