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Contol Freak T-Shirt

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Something has happened the last 10-15 years that has suddenly made it cool for kids to call themselves “freaks.” When I was a kid, freak was just about the last thing you wanted to be called, right up there with “nerd.” But now we live in progressive times, where nerdy is cool and gamers have parties for gaming.

This “Control Freak” shirt is brought to you by Busted Tees, and features 12 controllers, many from bygone eras, simpler times of single joysticks and 2-button controls. There’s the Atari controller, and Sega Dreamcast, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis… geez, time really does fly! The shirt comes in six sizes, from toddler to juvenile. Upon purchasing, make sure you give your children a lesson on the consoles represented! Then maybe, if you can find them in your dust-filled boxes from childhood, you can bust out the oldy-but-goody consoles you’ve got lurking in your attic. History lessons have never been so fun! Of course, you might have to wait until your toddler is old enough to have fully dextrous fingers. You’ll have to settle on just teaching them the lingo of vintage gaming.

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