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Technology can be a very fun and exciting thing, but it can also be a tad difficult for younglings to understand. Of course they know how things function practically (like pushing the Internet icon on your iPad allows them to get online), but do they know how it does this? There’s a lot going on inside this technology that we use everyday, and if your kids are interested in learning exactly how these marvels work (they’ve probably asked a million questions already), Cool Tech: Gadgets, Game, Robots, and the Virtual World can teach them. Make no mistake, though, this book can be just as interesting for adults.

Cool Tech is full of detailed, colorful examples that make learning about technology easier to digest. The book isn’t just filled with stats and charts that bombard your kids with information, it’s presented more effectively. This information is deconstructed, turning what could have been complicated exposition into kid-friendly descriptions. Cool Tech is surprisingly current (published in 2011), as well. Among the typical explanations of satellites, older computers and history, are detailed descriptions of iPhones, gaming consoles, and Facebook.

It’s a great read; pick it up to give your kids a jump-start on understanding more about the technology that permeates our lives.

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