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Crayola Color Studio HD

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You’ve probably got some fond memories of coloring, whether you were caking on thick layers of Burnt Umber and True Blue on scrap paper at your grandma’s house, or just making masterpieces during free time in first grade. Either way, you remember with equal clarity these humble beginnings to your artistic aspirations, and the smell of wax and paper bound in a cardboard box with a plastic sharpener on the back.

What you don’t remember is grinding broken crayons into the carpet, getting wax stuck under your fingernails, and trying to eat the brighter and more colorful crayons to see if they tasted like fruit. Remember that episode of the Simpson’s when Homer discovered he was only dumb because he’d lost a crayon up his nose? That could have been you!

The Crayola Color Studio HD features all the benefits of crayon coloring (color theory, artistic exploration, a broad color palette) and takes away the mess. Additionally, since this is an iPad app, you won’t waste money on a single-use device that your kids will outgrow. When they’re done coloring, you still have a perfectly functional electronic tablet. Thanks to the iPad’s excellent touch responsiveness, your kids can go from the provided Crayola drawing stylus to their fingers and back with no complicated configuration changes – the app is ready to color whenever, and however, the kids are.

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