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Crayon Ammo Belt

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You could look at this toy a few different ways. Maybe you don’t condone guns or violence, and because an ammo belt’s original purpose is as a weapon accessory, you don’t want this in your child’s life. But what if you see it as an object traditionally associated with war and destruction that has been repurposed to help pump out creativity and fun? That’s pretty cool. Go get ‘em, General Roy G. Biv!

The crayon ammo belt is made out of 100% cotton, so it will be soft and lightweight on a small frame. It holds 24 crayons; the width is approximately 2.5”, and the length 38”. A kid could add pins, badges or stickers along the belt to customize it. With a piece of gear like this, crayons can go wherever your child goes and won’t be rolling away (or falling between the car seats) just when they need them. The belt also comes in pink camouflage print, in case your soldier of art needs to hide in the cotton candy. Kids could even use the belt to carry around other stuff besides crayons—magic wands, lollipops and kazoos. Get one and teach your kid to draw pictures, not guns.

Remember Rambo? Did you ever see Weird Al playing Rambo in UHF?

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