How to Create a Splendid Steampunk Nursery


You may think that it’d be pretty tough to turn an average nursery into a steampunk one, but you can take comfort in the fact that it’s not as hard as you think. For example: an average nursery has bunnies, while a steampunk nursery has bunnies with monocles. An average nursery has a clock, and a steampunk nursery has clock parts. It’s all about the details.

In any case, we’ve scoured the dusty inner cogs of the Internet to find the steamiest, punkiest items for your discerning baby gentleman or lady.

Kick off your steampunk theme with a handpainted plaque with block letters.


If that’s a bit too busy for your mini minimalist, a monogram would do just as well.


While adults with steampunk sensibilities would enjoy vintage images of steam operated vehicles like balloon airships or locomotives, a child would naturally crave images of vehicles designed just for them, like a vintage perambulator.


Just because you’re going for a steampunk chambre, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a bit softer with your aesthetics. Elizabeth Ocean paints wonderful watercolors of animals traveling in primitive rockets or underwater in submarines.il_570xN.176735042

While it may not be recommended to purchase an antique crib for your child, you can still get a gorgeous brand new antique-looking crib. Take a gander at this beautiful marceline crib from Restoration Hardware.


If you’d like something a bit lighter on the pocketbook, try something like the DaVinci Kalani. Any simple dark wood crib would work as a base for all of your steampunkery.


As for crib bedding, a simple soft and dusty metallic palate is really all you need. Cast your eyes on this ticking stripe bedding collection from Restoration Hardware.


All babies love a good, soothing mobile. Don’t squander this perfect opportunity to add some vintage travel charm with these hanging hot air balloons. You can choose whichever balloon colors you’d like.


A throw blanket can be the perfect thing to add a vintage touch. This one from Goth Me Baby features antique keys and a touchable satin lining.


Don’t forget the little details like outlet covers. This one matches the above perambulator print.


Of course, a room just isn’t steampunk unless it has a dusting of old clockworks. This one does a great job of pulling the clock inside out while sporting a great rust color.


Compliment a gear-filled wall clock with cute and quirky gear and cog wall decal. This one has a hint of cartoonishness that’s just right for a baby’s room with an interesting variety of shapes and colors. If you don’t mind a little color in your cog decal design, this one will customize the image with your baby’s name.


Of course, with all of this steampunky decor, you can’t forget to dress your baby to the nines. Grab an ensemble like this heartbreaking little cog onesie so you don’t have to leave your excellent taste behind in the nursery.


For more ideas on how to punk out a steam-powered nursery, check out our Jules Verne nursery ideas. Do you have an idea for a steampunk baby accessory that we missed? Need help from other readers finding the perfect piece? Think we missed the mark with our vintage clockwork mashup? Take it to the forums!

Header image is from DeviantART’s Sebbal.


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