Easy Upcycled Succulent Planters to Make With the Kids


You done yet, winter? You just got here (actually, you technically won’t be here for another couple of weeks, but the crazy weather would suggest otherwise) and I’m already jonesing for those first daring little flower buds to poke through the melting snow. Because I’m sure we’d all really love to get some green growing around here despite the barren ice-covered back yard, let’s muster up our crafty sides and gather up the kids. We’re going to make a few super-nerdy-cute planters and plant some indoor succulents in them.

The easiest type of succulent to use for crafts is commonly called an “air plant,” also called Tillandsia. These guys don’t need any actual watering since they magically soak up the water from the air.  For me, plant science is always better explained with the word “magically,” but you could definitely seize the teachable moment to teach your kids about why different plants need different things.


This ornament kit shows how you could even use air plants as Christmas decorations, although since the plants need light and a little spritz of water now and then, it might be wise to keep this one out all  year. If you want to make some DIY versions of this, here are some instructions.

You don’t need to use air plants for the rest of these crafts though, normal old succulents will work just fine. Hit up your local garden center to see what’s in stock. Their beautiful desert blooms and spikes come in the most decadent shades of green, orange and red to help shoo away all the winter moping.

Dino Planters

Silly question: got any old toys lying around? Round up a few rubber toy dinos (or any animal, really) and have kids paint them whatever colors they want. Cut a hole in the top, plant your succulent inside, and admire the kitsch.


Book Planters

You may need to do most of the cutting yourself, but your kids can definitely pant and arrange the rest. Follow the DIY steps here to use an Exacto knife to cut the pages from your book, line the hole you created with plastic, and allow your old tattered book to take on a new life.


Floppy Disc Planters

When I was at my parents’ house for a visit, I was digging around for some blank DVDs and guess what I found? Old plastic floppies. They were even blue and everything. Now I wish I had stolen them to make into this planter so they could finally be used again.


For some DIY directions, head over to Instructables.

Fabric Covered Pots


Christine Chitnis has got the right idea with this fabric covered flower pot. Think of all the possibilities! Just grab some of your favorite fabric (scraps from those Batman jammies still hanging around?) and Mod Podge it right onto the pots. So easy.

As always, don’t stop there. What else do you have lying around that you could turn into a succulent container?


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