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Create Your Own Robot Party Kit

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Your kid laughs in the faces of other kids who wish for cliché birthday party themes; or at least they will once you present them with the Create Your Own Robot Party Kit.

Now we realize sometimes you’re not always prepared for a party. There’s no shame in rushing to the local dollar store to grab party hats and coordinating paper plates for the big occasion. But do it more than once and your kid’s gonna start to despise you more than a teenager does when you ground her for being a minute past her curfew. So be prepared (and win the love of your child) with a kit that does it all for you!

This Robot Party kit includes a 20-page preparation guide to get your kid’s party on, detailing how to make delicious robot “fuel” snacks, plus suggestions for party games and craft activities that include 3D classes and drawing paper, robot stickers, 8 balloon-powered racers, and more. The kit also contains invitation and thank you cards for up to 8 guests (might have to grab a couple of these kits—we know you’re kid’s popular at school).

To top the whole robot-themed party off, we suggest you teach them how to DO the robot, too. Just make sure it’s NOTHING like the video below. (though, 1:23 is our fave part).

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