Create Your Own Superhero Kit

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Create Your Own Super-Hero Kit

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We all have our own ideas about what makes the optimal superhero. Growing up reading comics didn’t hurt this vision, and if your kids are fans of superheroes, it’s likely they followed in your footsteps reading comics as well. Like any kid immersed in this universe, it’s pretty easy to imagine a fantasy avatar of yourself running around fighting bad guys and saving the world. Any optimal superhero has elements of ourselves in them, so imagining this isn’t too hard for any kid. Now we’re accustomed to making this avatar digitally, in games like MMOs, but back in the day, action figures and imagination were the only means we had to recreate these epic adventures. However, even in the computer age, it’s tough to find a kid that isn’t still playing with action figures.

Instead of having your children make another digital hero, why not let them create their own heroic action figure? The Create Your Own Super-Hero Kit comes with three different base hero bodies, five different heads (with masks and hairstyles), various kinds of capes, and a paint/decal ensemble, so they can make any kind of hero they can think of.

In all seriousness, where was this when I was a kid?

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