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Creeper Tee

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If you’ve ever played Minecraft then you probably love the Creeper. And by love, I mean fear him to death. Nothing says fun like exploring a dark cave when suddenly, zzzzzzzzzz—– KABOOM. Just like that, your belongings are gone and you have to respawn.

Yes, the Creeper’s reputation earns him his name. Kids can be Creepers as well, in the sense that they sneak up on you and try to rub their sticky-germ infested fingers all over your clean clothes. Luckily, kids don’t explode when they get close to you, but they still get their creep on. Now you can dress your little tyke up in this awesome green Creeper shirt. I think it would be quite entertaining to instruct them to walk up to random adults shouting “BOOOOOM”. Oh, that would be good fun, you’ll probably want to discourage them when around law enforcement, or while flying. Trust me, the TSA would not be amused.

Pro-Tip: Put the Creeper shirt on your kid and haul her down to the beach. Tell them you will give them a dollar for each sand castle they destroy. Works best if it is not your kid, though I do not encourage kidnapping.

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