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Crumpled City Junior NY Map

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Your little explorer is going to have a traditional paper map in shreds in a matter of minutes. Most adults get frustrated when trying to fold all those creases correctly. This is why Crumpled City maps were invented in the first place. They’re made of nearly indestructible — but soft — Tyvek. You’re not meant to fold these maps. You’re meant to smash them into tiny balls and stuff them into a backpack. Now there’s a line for kids, which is great because that’s pretty much what kids like to do with everything.

With bold illustrations of buses, boats and buildings and lots of bright colors, Crumpled City Junior New York will help youngsters navigate the metropolis. Special spots of interest to kids are also marked on the map. Places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan were allegedly chosen by “special on location correspondents.” Whether or not these intelligencers are adults or children isn’t clear, but the listed destinations should be fun for both. You can show a burgeoning urban investigator how to use the maps as emergency rain ponchos too. They are totally waterproof.

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