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Crysis 2 Nanosuit Action Figure

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“Crysis 2,” like its action-packed predecessor, gives its hero a suit of many powers (invisibility, armor, speed, etc.). But those are just the start of what a child might give this NECA-made Nanosuit action figure.

Are you cool with your child enjoying an armed protagonist from an M-rated game where you kill mercenaries and aliens alike in present-day New York City? If so, this figure of player character Alcatraz has nice play potential. Its muscular frame is a sizable 7 inches, but this guy isn’t muscle-bound. He has 25 points of articulation and detail that stands up to the high-end lines of Marvel or DC comic characters. Alcatraz comes ready for battle with one firearm, the in-game favorite SCAR (sorry, snipers — no SCARE variant for you).

But if he’s looking to fight the correct enemies, Alcatraz will be waiting a long time. He’s alone in the “Crysis 2” lineup by NECA, although smaller-scale action figures of aliens and other enemies are produced by Gamestars.

If little (or big) gamers just want a real-world memento of their virtual awesomeness, this is easy to recommend because of its high quality and flexible posing. Younger children looking for battle should be ready for crossover storylines — just what their imagination was made for.

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