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Curiosity Art Print

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It’s not everyday that mankind gets to put a robot onto another planet. Often penned by science fiction writers as the next planet mankind would colonize, our species has had fascinations about living on Mars long before we actually developed the technology to be able to see its surface. Curiosity made it, though, and showed us countless possibilities of what life on Mars could be like. Unfortunately for right now, that life would be fatal, so don’t feel the need to run out and charter a rocket before seats fill up.

To celebrate this amazing robot’s first landing on the surface of Mars, Danny Haas has created “Curiosity,” a beautiful art print depicting the Mars Rover roaming around on the surface of the red planet. Measuring 10” x 7” on quality 100% cotton rag, this fine art print captures the feeling and anticipation of one of the most advanced scientific adventures of our generation. Mars glows bright red in the foreground, standing out against a backdrop of the darkness of space, only pierced by clusters of stars, and the silhouette of the Curiosity rover against our home planet. The print is on matte stock, and comes pre-trimmed, to be framed however you like. It’s an excellent piece, perfect for fans of robots, space in general, or the actual Mars landing.

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