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Customizable DC Comics Kids Converse

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We all know Batman is just about the greatest guy ever, but how much cooler would he be if he sported a pair of the timelessly classy, high-top, canvas Converse sneakers? Even more to the point, what if he could get those Converse customized with his name and logo, so that Gotham’s bad guys would know exactly who it was kicking them in the face? Would that not be the icing on the cake? I’m looking at you, Mr. Nolan.

So, maybe the Dark Knight is more concerned with being serious and gravel-voiced than with donning sweet kicks, but your kids can show up to school in style with their own customized Converse high-tops, emblazoned with with a variety of DC Comics imagery and their name. The shoes feature 15 customizable sections with multiple print and solid color options for each one, creating literally billions (1.99e+10… yes, I did the math) of possible combinations; all this before you put your unique 12-character ID on the shoe. The designs feature logos and prints of Batman, The Joker, The Riddler and Catwoman as well as six solid color options. Each part of the shoe can sport a different color or print, leading to many awesome looking combinations. You want a charcoal gray shoe with the Riddler’s question mark on the ankle and green laces? You go it. You want Batman’s logo over a Catwoman pattern while a pattern of playing cards adorn the shoe’s tongue? Done. The possibilities to express your kid’s unique obsession with the DC universe are nearly unlimited.

These shoes are come in standard U.S. sizes ranging from 2 to 13.5, so they don’t have to be just for your kids, and are made to order and shipped from Converse directly to your door in two to three weeks. This is the ideal gift for anyone who loves both comics and classic footwear.

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