Cut The Rope 16 Inch Om Nom Plush

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Cut The Rope 16″ Plush

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It’s no secret that apps are threatening the traditional hand-held video game market. After all, who wants to shell out $35 for a game on a dedicated gaming device when you can download one for $1, or even for free, and play it on the phone that you’re going to be carrying around with you anyway? Well, some would argue that, while broad and inexpensive, the app landscape lacks the depth that dedicated gamers expect. And that is still largely true, but parents will attest to one pleasant side effect of easily accessible, cheap games: the blessed 10 minutes of quiet that comes from your 9-year-old’s intense concentration as they try to beat the high score on level 2-7 of Cut The Rope.

Like many other downloadable games, Cut the Rope is easy to learn, graphically amusing, and highly addictive. Most smartphone and tablet games seem almost made for children, as they feature cute, easily identifiable cartoonish characters. Take Om Nom, for example. This round, green, vaguely-frog-like, buck-toothed guy is the central character in Cut the Rope. It’s a good thing he’s instantly likeable, since the only object of this game is to feed him candy by “cutting the ropes” to which the treats are tethered. As the swinging rope puzzles intensify, it becomes more and more difficult to reach the satisfying pinnacle of each level: the adorable look of glee on Om Nom’s candy-fed face.

Om Nom has tons of kid appeal, and has become so popular that he even stars in his own web series called Om Nom Stories. When characters reach this level of fame, it’s only a matter of time before they materialize in plushie form. This stuffed Om Nom is ideal as a cuddle buddy or even as a pillow for your dedicated little gamer. The next time you need a little bit of quiet time, set your kids up with a tablet and their own Om Nom plushies to lean on and savour the ensuing silence.

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