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Cute Thundercats Onesie / Shirt

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Like many of my generation, I have a deep abiding love of The (original) Thundercats. I don’t care about naysayers citing the ridiculousness of Snarf saying “snarf” after every sentence, Lion-O being a child trapped in a buff bod, and creepy android teddy bears. Sorry folks, it’s quality cartoonage and, dare I say, better than He-Man. I think I had more fun raising a stick in the air while bellowing “Thundercats, HO!,” than “by the power of Grayskull!”

Filmation is great, but Thundercats was produced by Rankin/Bass, the same people responsible for all those awesome stop motion specials which shaped your childhood holidays. It may seem weird, but I’ve always thought of Thundercats as one of the bridges between silly cartoons and serious cartoons: it integrated aspects of both. The plotlines were a little more in-depth and Thundercats’ villain was scarier than its other 80s counterparts, while still keeping lighthearted elements for little kids.

Then, somehow, the glory of the Saturday morning ritual faded. Kids shows moved to cable and hand-drawn cartoons made way for digital animation. Our kids will never know what it’s like to grab blankets and pillows and plop down messy-haired and pajama-footed in front of the TV to let heroes, villains and cheesy dialog kick off their weekend. Or will they?

Yay for the return of Saturday morning cartoons on DVD! Now you can initiate your nerdling in the ways of Thundera. After an appropriate amount of brainwashing, your kid will be begging for this super-cute rendition of the Cats on a T-Shirt. Redbubble artist Icoradesign’s Chibi’s style perfectly balances the adorable and the badass, just like your kid does. The design features sassy kid versions of the Thundercats with the iconic logo in the background. As with all Redbubble items, the design is available in multiple sizes and styles.

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