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Cutie Pie Chart

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Visual representations of data are essential to understanding; sure, you could just display a table full of facts and figures, or you can blind your boss, professor, teacher or anyone else with science (or finance, or statistical analysis – you get the drift). Making someone read through data may be useful if total comprehension is required, but when you just want to make your point, it’s time to go with a graphic.

Crossing the verbal/visual gap is essential for creating presentable data, and the Cutie Pie Chart should help you to get your little data manipulator thinking in parts, wholes, and segments much sooner. This cute plush toy comes with three parts, which stack together to make a whole, and can be removed individually to illustrate portioning.

The pie chart, along with the line graph and bar graph, make up a sort of holy trinity of data visualization. These three visualizations are also foundational, because without them, your future number cruncher will not understand the pinnacle of nerdy statistics: the Venn diagram. You don’t want your kid making meaningless Venn diagrams, do you? Start them young, start them properly, start them out with pie charts.

Delicious, delicious pie.


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