Dalektable Ideas For Your Doctor Who Nursery

Soon, we will be saying goodbye to the Eleventh Doctor and hello to the Twelfth!

So, in honor of this transition, here are 12 items to help you create a Doctor Who themed nursery.

1.     Doctor Who Wall Decoration

Doctor Who Wall Hanging

Featuring the Eleventh Doctor, TARDIS, K-9, a Dalek, and a little star, this 12×10-inch Doctor Who wall hanging will look adorable in your nursery. This item does contain small parts and strings, so it is both a choking and strangling hazard, so it needs to be hung out of the reach of small children. If you’d like to customize some of the colors, that is an option.

2.     Doctor Who Reversible Bunting Banner

Doctor Who Bunting Banner

Perfect as a skirt for the outside of the crib, around the change table or dresser, and also perfect as a wall hanging, this Doctor Who reversible bunting banner will add a nice, soft touch to your baby’s first bedroom. One side of the banner features characters and objects from the Doctor Who universe, while the other side is sewn with corresponding flannel in gray, navy, or cream. For an extra fee, the banner can be customized.

3.     Four Baby Doctor Who Wall Art Prints

Doctor Who Wall Art

This set of four 8×10-inch baby Doctor Who wall art prints manages to make even a Dalek look huggable. The set features a baby Doctor eating fish fingers and custards, a baby Amy Pond in a garden, a baby Rory Williams fighting a baby Cyberman, and a baby Dalek having a picnic. Frames sold separately.

4.     Personalized Doctor Who TARDIS Wall Clock

Doctor Who Personalized Wall Clock

Time may be wibbly-wobbly for the Doctor, but it goes by way too fast when you have wee ones. This personalized TARDIS wall clock will help mark the passage of time in your baby’s nursery. The clock is 10-inches in diameter, and the frame comes in five different colors.

5.     Doctor Who Birth Announcement

Doctor Who Birth Announcement

This custom print-at-home birth announcement comes with either a TARDIS or a sonic screwdriver as the main image. Available in three sizes, and two – four colors, this announcement will contain your baby’s first, middle and last name, date of birth, time of birth, pounds and ounces, length, and city and state/province (or equivalent) of birth.

6.     “Bow Ties Are Cool” Wall Decal

Bow Ties Are Cool

If there is one lesson to be learned from any Doctor, it is that being an individual with an interesting fashion sense is cool. This may seem like one of the more superficial lessons, but it’s good to teach your child, early, the lesson that individuality is a good thing. This “Bow ties are cool” wall decal, available in 61 different colors will help.

7.     Doctor Who TARDIS Diaper Bag

Doctor Who Diaper Bag

If only these TARDIS Doctor Who custom bags were bigger on the inside, because new parents quickly learn that you need to bring all the things when leaving the house with baby. While this bag may not carry all the things, it will carry those diapers, extra clothes, wipes, creams, burp cloths, change blankets, rattles, pacifiers, and more.

8.     Doctor Who TARDIS Baby Blanket

Doctor Who Baby Blanket

Help your baby dream of traveling time and space with this Doctor Who TARDIS baby blanket. Measuring 25×27 inches, and made with pre-shrunk Kona cotton, the blanket is backed with gray flannel.

9.     Set Of Three Doctor Who Burp Cloths

Doctor Who Burp Cloths

Normally, I’d recommend against putting anything with a Dalek on it in a nursery. Those things are nightmare-fuel. However, I think there is something oddly amusing about having your baby spit up –REGURGITATE! — on a Dalek. This set of three Doctor Who burp cloths features a cloth with the TARDIS, one with Daleks, and one with cartoon characters.

10.  Doctor Who TARDIS Hanging Diaper Stacker

Doctor Who Diaper Stacker

Diapers. Babies go through copious amounts of these things. New parents quickly learn that you must keep them everywhere. You never know when an explosive poop is going to happen. This Doctor Who TARDIS hanging diaper stacker is a great way to store those diapers. Made to order, it can be customized with your baby’s name.

11.  Doctor Who Crib Mobile

Doctor Who Crib Mobile

Every nursery needs a mobile. This Doctor Who mobile is made to order, featuring a TARDIS, a set of moon and stars, plus four Doctor Who characters of your choosing. Each character that you choose will be made with a distinctive feature, such as River Song’s journal or the Eleventh Doctor’s bow tie.

12.  Doctor Who TARDIS Lamp

Doctor Who Tardis Lamp

Finally, to protect your baby from those Daleks that go bump in the night, and to protect you from running into furniture when your wee one wakes you up in the middle of the night, there is this Doctor Who TARDIS lamp. And, in those moments where a distraction is needed, the TARDIS makes a noise when you open her up.

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